Secret Battery Killers

It’s happened to all of us. You’re out all day and look down at your phone to realize you’re almost out of battery. Tragic! Thoughts immediately run through your head like: “I charged my phone all night! How is this possible? How will I make through the rest of the day?” Don’t worry. Here are a few of the hidden culprits draining your battery without your knowledge and solutions on how to help extend your battery life.

Lets start with the basics: Once every few days you should close out your apps. It is a pretty easy fix. Double click your home button to reveal all your open apps. Swipe up on the apps and they will close. That’s it.   Another therapeutic step for your phone‘s battery is to properly turn it off once a week. Simply hold the power button down and wait for the “power off” screen to pop up, swipe right and allow your phone to power off properly. Give it a few minutes and then press and hold the power button again to power it back on.

Your phone battery is thanking you already! These are fairly small contributors to battery drain, but very helpful in boosting your daily run time. If you really want to extend the vivaciousness of your battery, here are the real battery predators to whip into shape:


Location Services: Location services are a tricky thing. It’s great for social media; being able to check-in or getting a great location-specific filter on Snapchat, but it also provides traceable information on where you are. The majority of this information is capturing reports for marketing and research, but this feature can really drain your battery. You can change this by going into your settings under “Privacy” then “Location Services”. If you see a purple arrow next to an app, it means it is using location services. You can pick and choose which apps you want to continue to use location services for. I highly recommend keeping the “Find My iPhone” service (just in case you lose your phone).

Push Mail: Push mail is a feature on your phone that constantly updates your phone from your email server, essentially it is consistently asking your server “anything new?” This can monumentally destroy your battery.   Your best bet is to change your mail settings to check for new mail every 15-30 minutes depending on your needs. Most importantly: turn off Push and change to Fetch.

Usage Data: This is information used to see how you spend time on your phone. Head to “Settings” >“Privacy” and scroll to the bottom. Select “Diagnostics & Usage” and hit “Don’t Send.”


We‘ve cracked the case. If you are still having issues with your phones battery dying quickly, it could be an issue with the physical battery. Call us and we can help you troubleshoot or set up a diagnostics test.  805-745-8587

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