Mac Pro Cosmetic Condition

Grade A

A Grade A unit is generally considered 'very good'. Please note that this does not mean that a machine will come with the original packaging. A Grade A cosmetic condition indicates that there may be faint scratches or scuffs around the body. While a Grade A machine will not be flawless, you should not expect to find any significant, noticeable cosmetic blemishes such as dents or bent feet.

Grade B

For this cosmetic grade, cosmetic blemishes will be present and noticeable. These blemishes include scratches, scuffs, and nicks. Minor denting is possible, although this does not include large dents. The feet may show creases or dings but the unit will not wobble. A Grade B unit would be equivalent to a 'good' condition.

Grade C

This grade is an 'acceptable' condition. Cosmetic blemishes will be noticeable and can be large. This does include scratching, scuffing, chipping, and denting. The feet will likely show creases or minor bending which may cause the unit have a slight wobble. A Grade C unit will function perfectly, despite any cosmetic issues.

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